How the F-35 Comes in the Back Door of Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson

The F-35 could be coming to Davis-Monthan through their Operation Snowbird “customers” Yuma MCAS, Miramar MCAS, and Lemoore NAS. The noise testing models will likely be based on a 24-hour day-night average which doesn’t realistically portray the shock effect of this extremely loud single-engine jet. Will this impact the high-noise Airport Environs Zone (AEZ) overlay in the City of Tucson which is presently based on a hypothetical 5 squadrons of F-16s or will they say the F-35s are just visitors and don’t count? Many think that the AEZ overlay was simply a way not to have to condemn the properties and pay the owners.

Check out the articles below about what Wyle Labs is doing on noise assessment for the three military facilities that have been Operation Snowbird “customers” in the past. They are likely working on the high-noise contour zones for the F-35 based upon their new noise models.

Wyle helps assess noise exposure for East Coast and West Coast basing of Joint Strike Fighter

The Huntsville Times, May 27, 2011

Wyle involved in military jet ‘noise exposure’ studies

By Muhammed El-Hasan Business Writer The

By the way, whatever happened to the Public Scoping meetings for the Operation Snowbird Environmental Assessment? They were promised by the Air Force to be held in February.