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AZ Daily Star hides fact of TF Survey showing opposition to expanded flight programs

The Arizona Daily Star is well aware of the Tucson Forward survey of 4000 randomly selected households which are directly impacted in Central Tucson by military flights, with questions and procedure guided by an objective professor at University of Arizona and with over a 15% return rate.  The survey proves that the support for the base is approximately around 50-50 and that opposition to increased flights, noise, and hours of flying is high.  The Daily Star interestingly failed to note that in its myriad articles about the future of DM AFB.  Furthermore, they repeatedly paint Tucson Forward as merely noise complainers.  The degree to which military flight noise negatively effects our environment has high health hazards in itself; however, we are even more concerned with 1. how much groundwater is DM sucking out of our precious and diminishing ground water, 2) how much of the water is it polluting  (DM has caused toxic groundwater plumes and TIA is a superfund site -- DM has had its cancer zone lawsuits around the base in years gone by due to groundwater pollution), 3, how much of the circling military jets from DM and TIA contribute to our increasing ozone and air pollution problems (we know that each jet is burning tens of thousands of dollars of fuel per hour)?  Next time you hear the radio announcer telling you to carpool to keep summer ozone levels low, think of the F16s circling overhead and what they are contributing to health problems in this valley.   DM provided the sources for a lot of economic propaganda to the Star (look at their sources) but nowhere does the Star do an objective analysis of the costs to this area.  Furthermore, look at the DM sourced economic illustration of the area's three largest income industries and note that DM conveniently left out tourism (which is probably larger an income producer than any of the three named and will be increasingly negatively impacted by DM-TIA/ANG military flights).  Also, housing is negatively impacted wherever the jets fly.  The Star only focuses on some homes and apartments near the base that temporarily house soldiers (who shop mostly at the commissary and don't contribute to local sales tax) and military retirees (who also live here to shop at the base and thereby don't contribute to the local sales tax).   There fails to be an analysis of how Tucson could thrive and develop a healthier more prosperous peacetime economy or support for a base that could be a better neighbor.  The base is currently surrounded by urban density.  Its activities with single engine jets are unsafe, unhealthy, and diminish the beauty and enjoyment of this city.  The Star is not really providing an objective analysis but upon close inspection is spoon feeding the public an infomercial created by the DM AFB and local large businesses that benefit.  Nissan's benefit does not spell a large enough benefit to the rest of this community to offset the harms experienced in Tucson by any expansion of base activities. 

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