Tucson Forward began as a community gathered to protest increasingly frequent and louder military jet training over Central Tucson from Davis Monthan Air Force Base.   As the Air National Guard increased its training of pilots, domestic and international, at the Tucson International Airport, we expanded our concerns on behalf of the citizenry under those flight paths as well.  Both projects are inside the city limits and fly and train frequently over the most populated areas. 

One of our most important concerns is the militaries propaganda project to base the F35 in Tucson at TIA-ANG and the involvement that DM would also have in that.

As one of our primary concerns has been the F35, below is a discussion regarding that. 


Defending Tucson communities from the F-35
To gather information, raise awareness, and take action in Tucson against the negative impacts of the Lockheed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter on property values, quality of living, and public safety, as well as the overall negative impact to Tucson's economy in the years to come.
Company Overview
Tucson is being considered as a possible home for the military's new fighter aircraft, the Lockheed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The F-35 JSF is the next generation fighter aircraft that will be used by all branches of the United States military. This new fighter will eventually be replacing several existing aircraft including the F-16, the F-18, and the AV-8B Harrier.

Despite the political and military campaigns to sell this aircraft as a positive boon for the cities where it will be based, there is a far more serious and dark downside to having these birds roost in our backyard.

What the Air Force and greedy local politicians haven't been telling us is that this aircraft is so loud and grossly polluting that it poses dangerous economic, public safety, and environmental problems that will drastically affect the quality of life for every Tucsonan for years to come.

Tucson Forward is a citizens group formed with the overall purpose of educating Tucsonans on the many negative impacts the F-35 JSF will have if allowed to use Davis Monthan AFB or Tucson International Airport.

The key issues this group will focus on will be:

1 - To educate Tucson communities on the negative impacts this aircraft will have on public health & safety, and quality of living due to the 120 Decibel noise levels that will constantly bombard every home, school, and business within 10 miles of DMAFB or TIA.

2 - To educate Tucson communities to the negative effects the F-35 will have on residential, educational, and business property values all over Tucson due to the fact that it is 3 times louder than ANY jet that has ever flown over Tucson before, so loud in fact that many properties close to the runways will be condemned or become completely uninhabitable according to OSHA guidelines.

3 - To find out why the Air Force and local politicians CAN NOT IN ANY WAY itemize, quantify, or substantiate the claims that having these planes based here would generate $280 million dollars a year for Tucson's economy.

4 - To show Tucson and it's elected officials that even if having these aircraft stationed here could generate $280 million per year, it will not offset the losses incurred from devalued properties, loss of tourism, loss of students at the U of A, and loss of other industrial or business ventures interested in making Tucson their home.

5 - To directly address State, County, and Local elected officials and get straight, definitive, and honest answers as to where they stand on these serious issues and why, and what they are prepared to do to protect Tucson and it's citizens from the negative impacts this aircraft will undoubtedly have on our city.

Tucson Forward- Citizens address Military Flights

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