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Davis Monthan did not predate Tucson

When Charles Lindbergh flew here in 1927, to dedicate Davis-Monthan field, it was a municipal airport. Originally the municipal airfield was located at the site of the current Tucson Rodeo Grounds. Davis-Monthan Airport became the Tucson Army Air Field in 1940, with assignments of Army Air Corps units, then in December of 1941, was Davis-Monthan Army Air Field. After the end of World War II, training was stopped. It wasn’t until January of 1948 that it was renamed Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. I have noticed that many people in DM 50, and other affiliated organizations are stressing the 1927 date, and letting us assume that the USAF air base preceded many more homes than it actually did. There was no USAF until 1947.

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