MCRC (Military-Citizens Relations Committee) members, liaisons, and interested public:  Next meeting Nov 16, 2022  at Ward 6 Offices

Draft minutes from September's meeting have been posted at -- 

Also, below is the suggested agenda for the next MCRC meeting on Wed 
16-NOV-2022, which will be at the Ward 6 office at 6:00PM. 

W6 is at 3202 East 1st Street, one block east of Country Club and one 
block south of Speedway.  SunTran# 4 (Speedway) and SunTran# 17 
(Country Club) are the closest transit routes, and the 3d Street Bike 
Blvd is two blocks south.

(A) Call to order, select tonight's scribe, re-state house rules 
(B) Read MCRC Purpose Statement 
(C) Call to Public # 1 
(D) Roll call/ establish quorum 
(E) Approve tonight's agenda 
(F) DMAFB and/or ANG update 
(G) MCRC business 
(G)(01) Approve September minutes 
(G)(02) Elect 2023 officers; nominated for Chair (and accepting said 
nomination) is Kathleen Williamson 
(H) Future meeting topics? 
(I) Call to Public # 2 
(J) Adjourn 
Items may be taken out of order. 
Action may be taken on any item.

Ward VI to host F35 Burlington film and Q&A with Directors May 27

Residents of Burlington VT have spent several years doggedly battling the Air Force’s plans to bring F-35s to their airport.  The F-35s ultimately prevailed; still, we can learn much from the residents’ work. 


Steve Kozachik has arranged for a Zoom showing of a short documentary that depicts the residents’ struggle against the Air Force.  Following the 15-minute documentary, one of the dedicated Burlington residents will make some comments then will answer questions from us. 


The presentation will begin at 6:00 PM (Tucson time) on Thursday, May 27.   


Here’s a full description of the event, along with a link to the Zoom meeting, from Steve: 


Last week the DOD announced there are now more F35s in the U.S. fleet than any other type of aircraft, with the exception of the F16. Last year it was announced that Tucson – Davis Monthan – was not selected in the most recent round of discussions as to where to base a squadron of F35s. As more roll out, DM might return to the list.  


 This is the logo used by a group of residents in Burlington, Vermont when they heard their local Air Force base was targeted for a squadron of F35s. The planes were assigned, and what followed was litigation, demolition of a neighborhood near the base due to sound impacts, and ongoing issues for the residents.  


Some of the Burlington locals are involved with the independent film making industry. In an effort to gather public sentiment about the F35s, they put together an indie film in which they share scenery from the Burlington area, and overlay it with voice mail messages from residents. On Thursday, May 27th I’ll have the film makers and one of the steering committee members from Save Our Skies VT on a Zoom presentation. We’ll open with the film (about 15 minutes) followed by comments from the Vermont team. Then we’ll open it up to your questions.  


The event will begin at 6pm, and we’ll end at 7:30. That’s 10:30 back in Vermont, so we’re going to respect their time and keep to the schedule. I know the possible deployment of the F35 has been a controversial topic in Tucson, so I felt it’d be instructive to hear from people who are directly involved. I’ve previewed the film – you’ll hear ‘both sides’ in the calls.  


Here’s the Zoom link for the event. Please share it. I’m looking forward to hearing from our east coast neighbors.  


Topic: F35 Jet Line Event  

Time: May 27, 2021 06:00 PM Arizona  

Join Zoom Meeting

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EIS Fonsi Requests Timeline - Urgent

EIS Fonsi Requests Timeline - Urgent

Those of you who have been following the Davis-Monthan AFB (DMAFB) Operation Snowbird Environmental Assessment (OSB EA) process can now see the final result, released today (spoiler alert, it came up FONSI). The Air Force has granted one 30 day extension to the original 30 day comment period.  the Deadline for comments is now November 23, 2014.  Note that OSB is now called Total Force Training -- new name, same great taste! -- and, predictably, the EA is a beefy tome, available from DMAFB's website -- -- in segments to keep bandwidth- choke to a dull roar: * Draft: EA and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) -- -- [~5.5MB, 142 pages, PDF format], searchable plus maps and other graphics. * Appendix A: Public Notice and Scoping Material -- -- [~17MB, 416 pages, PDF format], includes some scans (mailed comment letters, newspaper clippings) so is mostly but not entirely searchable. * Appendix B: Air Quality Calculations -- -- [~147KB, 32 pages, PDF format], last three pages (emissions inventories for baseline plus two alternatives) are scans of docs, rest is searchable. * Appendix C: Noise Analysis -- -- [~12.5MB, 128 pages, PDF format], almost all searchable and worth a look. * Appendix D: Interagency/ Intergovernemental Coordination and Consultations -- -- [~534KB, four pages, PDF format], scans of correspondence between DMAFB and the State Historic Preservation Office regarding possible impacts to historic properties. As DMAFB's press release (below) states, hard copy is also available for review (not for check-out) at some local libraries.

See home page for addresses.


Survey Results will be published within days of this notice.

Survey Results will be published within days of this notice.

Preliminary survey results from 15% response rate from 4,000 randomly selected households living within the impacted areas of DMAFB will be published in a few days. 



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