Survey of Tucson areas impacted by military flights

The collection of responses for the survey we mailed on August 4, 2014 is officially closed.  News about it can be found on our blog page.  

  We mailed a carefully considered survey to 4000 randomly selected residences within Central Tucson.  Unlike the much touted SADA survey, this one went only to randomly selected residents directly impacted by and living under the DM and TIA-ANG flight training. It was crucially important that recipients respond to this survey and we did recieve a very good response rate of of approximately 15%   Below are links of a copy of the letter we enclosed with the survey along with analyses.   Thank you to our Tucson Forward donors who helped us raise the money to hire professional assistance, postage, printing, and survey design.   Thank you for the help we received from volunteers.   





Tucson Forward- Citizens address Military Flights

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