Please see the letter of 11/2/11 from County Administrator Huckelberry and the Resolution.

On the first page of the Resolution there was mention of the MCRC.

WHEREAS, the Tucson and southern Arizona communities provide dedicated and superior support to the Air Force, its installations and its airmen and airwomen. Community support organizations such as the D-M-50 and the Military/Community Relations Committee, the Arizona congressional delegation, local elected officials and the community as a whole support the Base, its personnel and its continued growth in Tucson; and

TF Note: There was objection by several MCRC and TF members to characterizing the MCRC as a community support group for Davis-Monthan. Also, the MCRC has not voted to support bringing this unit to Tucson. Mention of the MCRC has been removed for the Resolution.

On the second page of the Resolution there is mention of the 2004 Pima County Bond issue.

WHEREAS, in 2004, Pima County allocated $10 million in voter approved General Obligation bonds to support the viability of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and will continue to purchase and protect the departure corridor; and

TF Note: Here is the summary of the March 16, 2005 PIMA COUNTY DAVIS-MONTHAN OPEN SPACE ADVISORY COMMITTEE

After speaking to Regina Nassen from the Pima County Attorney’s office, he reported that the committee could bring an expert or consultant to report on a specific topic such as noise and not have it open for public discussion. Regina will work with the committee in preparing/tailoring the agenda when these types of issues come up.

One wonders why the public would be excluded.

Also, on page two of the resolution is mention of possible sound attenuation for residences to northwest of Davis-Monthan (the approach corridor). Julia Keen might be one neighborhood that would be considered. The City of Tucson had promised to diligently seek funds for sound attenuation back in September of 2004 just before the City Council voted to adopt the extension of the Airport Environs Zone (AEZ) overlay. The City made a half-hearted attempt to seek funds from the State for a study of such a program, but the Governor’s Military Affairs Committee (GMAC) turned them down. They no longer have funds.

WHEREAS, Pima County will consider allocating General Obligation bond funding to reduce or mitigate the noise impact on residential properties within the approach zone.

TF Note: One wonders why there is mention of a noise mitigation program when there are supposedly no aircraft connected to the “Drone-Driver” squadron. Pima County (Chairman Ramon Valadez’ District) has not consulted with the residents of the impacted neighborhoods to see if they want their homes to be noise mitigated. (Some are fearful that this would allow louder aircraft, i.e. the F-35.) Also, there is no mention that this program would have to be approved by voters who are not inclined these days to vote for added debt. This looks like a trail balloon. Something to perhaps impress Washington.