Congratulations Tucson Forward Team!

What an incredible victory we have won against the F-35! As you all probably know by now, Tucson was dropped from consideration for the F-35 this week and an inside source credits our efforts as the main reason for the decision. Years of letter writing, organizing, educating, flier distributing, petition gathering and good old fashioned political theater just paid off!

Everyone should take the time to pat themselves on the back. Our group has been described as vocal, intelligent, tenacious and committed. Add to that passionate, diverse and unstoppable! This was truly a team effort with every one of us making important contributions. The writers wrote, the talkers spoke, the organizers organized, the researchers researched, the truly tenacious went door to door and together, we just rolled over the opposition.

While we take time to revel in our accomplishment, never forget that our work isn’t done yet. There is still a small chance that the decision could be reversed in the next few years. We still have Operation Snowbird ruining the peace and quiet of many of our neighborhoods. Thousands of Tucsonans have had their homes effectively condemned by the “flight overlayment zone” and we have an arrogant Mayor and City Council willing to sell out the citizens of Tucson on a moment’s notice. We also face the threat of F-35′s from Luke AFB using Tucson as an unofficial training site.

And though our group took the F-35 down, we are still being almost completely ignored by the mainstream media! Incredible but true. So celebrate your victory, revel in your strength and keep the pressure on. Keep tuned as we revamp the website and look for opportunities to speak the truth to your fellow citizens. Listen in on Sunday night at 8pm as Tucson Forward breaks part of the media blackout and speaks out on a radio program that reaches into 52 markets nationwide. In Arizona, people can listen on kuband satellite or live on the net at Click on Listen Live. The Call-In Number: 800-313-9443

Congratulations Friends and Neighbors! We did it.