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Urgent message to our supporters, community, organizations

Hi everyone,

The main purpose of this email is to notify you of just how important it is for every individual and every Neighborhood Association or other pertinent organization, to send the Air Force separate letters requesting public hearings and at least a 60 day extension for the public comment period on the recently released Environmental Assessment regarding increasing military over flights in Tucson's urban area.  Attached is a sample letter. 


Your city council and board of supervisors are not informing you about one of the most important issues concerning the current Air Force-sponsored environmental assessment to radically increase military flights in Tucson and a crucial period for public comment which expires in a few days.  The Arizona Daily Star under reports this side of the local air force issues while featuring DM authored propaganda because their major advertisers benefit financially from DM.  The citizens, however, are paying the price through decreased well being, safety, water and air quality, and property values. 

Tucson Forward, Inc., a local non-profit organization, recently conducted a survey of randomly selected 4000 households in areas affected by military training flights in Tucson.   Preliminary results show that the people directly impacted by the Air Force decisions are nearly 80% opposed to any increases in frequency, hours, or noise levels of military flight training.  Tucson Forward is still working on the analysis of this recently completed survey and will have the results out soon.

But for now, the top priority is that public hearings be held concerning this recent Environmental Assessment which has a FONSI (finding of no significant impact) if flights and noise levels are increased in Tucson as proposed.   We also request at least a 60 day extension of the current 30 day comments period which is set to expire.   


Due to selection of still a different baseline, a different scope, not to mention consistent violations of NEPA in the past, the current DEA raises additional serious concerns. Air Force/Community Liaison Scott Hines keeps pointing out that it is entirely different from the most recent DEA, and urging us not to compare them side by side. At the MCRC Operations Subcommittee, Tucson Forward Chairperson Mary Schlitz  questioned whether, under the circumstances, there shouldn’t have been a whole new scoping process, with community input.

Here are some of the reasons for needing an extension, which you can cite in your letters (but be sure to use your own words if you have time, please).

* The EA is very long and complex.

* It is highly technical.

* it requires large amounts of time to read and understand its procedures and conclusions.

* Most people work, and have family obligations, leaving them limited time per day to devote to studying the EA and its appendices. After all, the EA took teams of experts over two years to create.

* Most people are not experts in assessment of risk, noise, air quality, economics, and legalities.

The Air Force must receive the requests as soon as possible, so it's a good idea to email the requests.  Here's the email address:

Below is the USPS paper mail address. However, if you choose this way, you need to send it immediately so it will have time to get there and be processed:


355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

3405 S. Fifth Street

Davis Monthan AFB AZ 85707

Thanks again everyone!

Kathleen Williamson and

- Tucson Forward, Inc. Board of Directors


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