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Ear-Splitting, Fuel and Fume Dumping, Crash Risk Migration is On this Winter: See details

The Ear-Splitting Migration is on


An ear-splitting and alarming migration takes place every winter over the skies of Tucson as squadrons of aircraft temporarily relocate here from other states and countries for training.


This winter migration brings in scores of military aircraft that add to the noise, health concerns, and air pollution already generated by routine military flights from Davis Monthan Air Force Base and Tucson International Airport, (Air National Guard). These added flights also up the ante on the possibility of a disaster over the already crowded skies of Tucson.


Current winter training flights:


DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- Multiple units from across the country will be visiting Davis-Monthan through the month of January.


                  Fourteen (14) F-15Es from the 334th Fighter Squadron at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, NC, arrived here January 5 and will train here until January 15.


                   Two (2) U-28s from the 319th Special Operations Squadron at Hulbert Field, FL, will train here January 9-15.


                 Ten (10) A-10s from the 104th Fighter Squadron (part of the Maryland Air National Guard’s 175th Wing) will train here January 22 - February 7.


                 During these visits, the aircrews will follow all D-M arrival and departure processes and adhere to noise abatement procedures.


Noise abatement procedures,” what noise abatement procedures? They seem to be purely a myth.   And, what about health, air pollution and safety concerns?


If you think this annual migration makes no sense for our community and only serves to makes a bad situation worse, speak out.


Contact Mayor & Council:



Mayor Jonathan Rothschild or (520) 791-4201

•Ward 1 Council Member Regina Romero  or (520) 791-4040

•Ward 2 Council Member Paul Cunningham  or (520) 791-4687

•Ward 3 Council Member Karin Uhlich  or (520) 791-4711

•Ward 4 Council Member Shirley Scott  or (520) 791-3199

•Ward 5 Council Member Richard Fimbres  or (520) 791-4231

•Ward 6 Council Member Steve Kozachik  or (520) 791-4601




Contact Pima County Supervisors:


District 1 – Ally Miller         (520) 724-2738     email 

District 2 - Ramon Valdez    (520) 724-8126     email   

District 3 - Sharon Bronson  (520) 724-8051     email

District 4 – Ray Carroll        (520) 724-8094     email

Assistant to Ray Carroll                                     email   

District 5 – Richard Elias     (520) 724-8126    email  



Contact Senior Leaders at the Pentagon at Public Affairs:

Air Force Langley Public Affairs e-mail:    

Phone #:  1-703-697-6061 

Specify to disseminate to Senior Leaders  




Please share copies of correspondence with Tucson Forward at:

Tucson Forward, Inc.

P.O. box 42472

Tucson, Arizona 85733    



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